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Child Support

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Training, Consulting, Specialized Technical Monitoring, Summer Camps, Family Workshops, Yoga Classes, Hiking/Trails, Team Building in Nature, Alternative and Complementary Educational Offer

Differentiated Technical Monitoring


Throughout the life cycle there are periods of greater challenge, in which our own resources can and should be reinforced by the experience and specialized knowledge of reference professionals, who can help us to respond in a more adjusted way to circumstances, emotional, labor, educational or developmental issues that we are experiencing.
Success in this process is defined not by the goals achieved, but rather by the support and path followed.


"Consulting, Toys & Tools"

Therapeutic and pedagogical support materials

We are defined by our own essence and our circumstances.

What can add dimension, depth or impact to our existence is access to the right resources at the "right" time.

Our role is to help you "filter" the resources that best respond to your needs at any given time.

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