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wild routines

"Children's Health and Earth's Health are inseparable" *

* Richard Louv, writer and childhood activist

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“... In the early years of childhood, it is important to awaken emotions – the sense of beauty, enthusiasm for the new and the unknown, the feeling of empathy, admiration and love, so that it is possible to arouse in children the desire to learn, without they are precociously stuffed with information that they are not yet able to assimilate ”

Helena Bilton, Gabriela Bento and Gisela Dias - Playing Outdoors – Development and Learning Opportunities Outside the Doors , Porto Editora

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"Let Children Play"

  We are a Non-Profit Association, formed by a group of professionals in the areas of education, health and well-being, social and community intervention, who decided to combine experience and knowledge around a common ambition - happy children.

For this, we create opportunities for free exploration in contact with nature, with the conviction that it is essential to unblock learning.

Transforming natural and outdoor elements are  tools for exploration and investigation that keep the spontaneous curiosity and imagination of childhood alive.

Whenever possible, playing as much as possible!


Come visit us

Your visit is always welcome, as each type of activity has days and times defined in the services described in the respective tab.
Please consult the one that best suits what you are looking for. Thanks.

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"Do you feel overwhelmed?

Get out there!

Too busy?

Get out there!

Easy distractibility?

Get out there!


Get out there!

Need to re-establish yourself?

Go Outside!"

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Largo Tabira de Pernambuco - Tavira Parish Council, 8800-412 Tavira

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